Just when I thought I’d seen it all

This Black Kite is such a confident aviator, that it can preen as it flies.

Bored from following a tractor in the field, it decided a little cleanup time was in order.

What staggers me is the amount of brain power going on to keep the right side up, going in the correct direction, finding the feathers in the breeze and figuring it all out ‘on the fly’.

The second shot – the headless one- shows if you look closely out from the top wing rhs a feather that has been discarded.
Definitely  don’t try this at home.

DWJ-1504-30-_DWJ6407 DWJ-1504-30-_DWJ6410

Five of the most exciting moments of my life!

Well not really, but pretty heart stopping anyway.

Found three White-bellied Sea-eagles on the coast engaged in a bit of aerial one-up-manship.

I said it the other day on Flickr, but its easy to just accept that the big raptors, just lazily take their time, and sail along on the breeze.  But, they can if needed, turn on speed, zig-zag across the sky and reverse direction, just as easily as smaller birds do.

These ones spent quite a few minutes within good viewing before lazily heading back down the coast in a tight formation.

I don’t shot multi-burst, but if I did, I’d have filled the memory card.


Werribee Wag Tales April 2015

Formerly called Werribee Wagtails, Birdlife Werribee had a day at the Western Treatment Plant.  Stories about that event and a few others are available in the Werribee Wag Tales Newsletter for download here, or from the Wagtails tab on the front page.

WER Wag Tales April 2015

Lake Louise

Here is a site from my mate Rob Parker.
Worth checking out.

My Random Photo Site

Several years ago, we did our first cruise from Alaska to Vancouver, followed by a Rocky Mountaineer trip to Jasper, then on to Calgary.  On the way we spent a day at Lake Louise – one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever been to.

Lake Louise

I’m puzzled by the size of this image on this page.  It’s an 1800×1200 image, and I put it into this post in the same way as I’ve done with other images; I don’t (yet) understand why it’s displaying so small on this page.

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Willie Wagtail

DWJ_4921 - Version 2
Not sure if you know. But if you click on the image it will go to a larger size Click a second time and it will go to full size. Worth it to see the priceless expression here Enjoy

This is Gate Willie.

It has a territory by the main gate at Paradise Road entrance at Western Treatment Plant.
His (?) job in the world is to give lectures to all those who would dare to open the gate and enter the Paradise Road area.
and a good job he does too.

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I’ve really been away from the day to day running of WordPress sites.  Just assumed everything stayed the same.


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So the facts.

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I am mortified that WordPress has taken this approach.  Still, nothing for nothing in this world. Just ask the Curlew Sandpipers trying to migrate through farmlands and housing estates in China where once they could stop over for a food topup in the mangroves.  Sad.

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