Site Disclaimer

I’ve really been away from the day to day running of WordPress sites.  Just assumed everything stayed the same.


Its come to my attention that WordPress now ‘occasionally‘ (euphemism I suspect for consistently and annoyingly) insert Advertisements into my website when you are viewing it.

So the inference is either:

1.  I am making some financial gain from ads on the site. 


2. I’m a cheapskate and I won’t pay WordPress for the ‘Pro’ account that doesn’t use Ads.

So the facts.

I don’t make any financial gain from this site. Never. Didn’t start it with that intention and don’t intend to start. The site is not about me, or my photography, but rather about the birds and they receive no financial gain from the site at all.

I pay WordPress to host my site name.  They link it using all sorts of clever computer skills, (probably devised by some 11 year old kid in his bedroom at 3:00am in the morning), and I pay them a small fee per year for that privilege.  But, it is apparently not enough to prevent the ads.

As they want about $90. a year for the no ads site, I guess in the end I’ll have to put up the cash, but at the moment, if you are assailed by ads, then just click past them.  Sorry.

I am mortified that WordPress has taken this approach.  Still, nothing for nothing in this world. Just ask the Curlew Sandpipers trying to migrate through farmlands and housing estates in China where once they could stop over for a food topup in the mangroves.  Sad.

Hope you’re not put off by the ads.

Thanks for looking

6 thoughts on “Site Disclaimer

  1. Hi David,

    After a period of about 3 posts in 3 months, I’m glad to see you’re back in action – I enjoy your blogs.

    In all your recent posts, I’ve not seen a single ad. Not in the version that gets emailed to me, nor in the full version from your website. And while I consistently ignore ads on websites, and never click on them, I don’t fail to notice if they’re there




    1. G,day Rob,

      Thanks for the update.
      I only noted it because I was showing on someone’s iPad and they kept popping up on just about every page.
      I’ve a couple of ideas to change the site, and will probably start a collection of ‘galleries’ on a new page. I’ve been pretty remiss, but put it down to not having sorted out images over the past few months, and am just about on top of it now. Far to many images to share on Flickr, so they will trickle over here I’m thinking.
      Glad that the ads are not showing up at your end. I am a bit miffed with WordPress that they have to resort to this, but as I said, nothing for nothing.

      Hopefully can post stuff that is both interesting and useful.

      Talk more


      1. Hi David,
        Haven’t seen any ads on either my desktop or my iPad so don’t know why your friend is getting them. It wouldn’t bother me if they did show up anyway – that’s life. I just ignore the ads on other sites.
        Will check out your other posts later.


      2. Hi Christine,
        That is good to know, it helps to define “occassionally”.
        Might be something in the ipad settings perhaps? They do now show up when I edit, explaining to me the error of my ways and that a ‘donation’ would be the solution.
        I just despair after all the years of supporting WordPress, that they seem to have to take this course.
        Glad you’re not fussed.


  2. David, there’s a simple solution for those of us, who use Google Chrome and, I assume, for those, who use other browsers. I use an ‘add-on’ (officially, an extension) called Ad-block Plus. The name says it all – and it really works! I almost never see ads but so few that it’s difficult to recall when the last one was.


    1. Thanks Brian, I was just a bit concerned, not having seen the ads before that they were a ‘permanent’ thing. Seems that they are indeed occasional. Just wanted to keep the record straight.


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