Woodlands Historic Park on a wet day

DJ's Birds as Poetry

Sunday, in-spite of the doom and gloom of the weather’perts on tv started out sunny.
“Why not a look out at Woodlands, ” offered EE, and Why not? I replied.  Gear loaded, tea brewed, we are on the way.

By now the Flame Robins should at least have arrived, and might well have started to join together as a flock.   It has seemed to me, anecdotally, at least, that it takes about 2-3 weeks for the males to settle down and become docile enough for a flock to form.  No fighting for territory now.

As we started toward the backpaddock we also wonder if its been locked again for winter.  Part way down opposite the Weroona Cemetery there is an open area of Grey Box, and some small stands of prickly wattle.  It used to be the area of Primose and Lockie, but they have been gone for a…

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