With Weribee Wagtails at Goschen

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.
Lao Tzu

The Goschen Bushland Reserve outside Lake Boga, is renowned among bird obsevers as one of the true ‘honeyspots’ in the Mallee.
Little did I know as a young kid, riding my bike around the area, that I’d be back so many years later to spend time photographing the birds of the area.

We had travelled up to enjoy the BirdLife Werribee—aka Werribee Wagtails— camp out in Swan Hill. Of course one of the spots to visit was Goschen.

On the way up, one of the relatives had informed us, “Goschen now has been fenced off.” or words to that effect, and it sounded as though access was restricted.   I had visions of a 3 metre chainwire fence all around the area. And huge gates with those big padlocks that Nat Parks seems to be able to produce for such occasions.



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Spending an afternoon in the Sunshine with Eloise

We’ve been away up the family acres.

So not much local bird photography from us.  However stay tuned as I slowly get a week’s worth of shots sorted out.
We went up for the annual Birdlife Werribee, (formerly Werribee Wagtails) camp out.

As we unpacked in the early afternoon, the warmth of the sunshine was a bit too much to ignore and we decided by unanimous vote to “Go to the Office, and see how the Black-shouldered Kite pair were doing”.

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When the Only Thing You can do is to Stand in Awe

Full-Contact Nature Sport

We had taken a run to The Office in the late afternoon. Mostly just to check on the progress of Kitty and Kalev-the Brave.

And as the evening sunshine warmed us against the chill of the wind, down the river flat, in the crisp golden light a steady wing beat carried at quite breathtaking speed, an Osprey.  Actually by now I suppose it should be “the Osprey”.


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The Cycle of Life: Spring Forces at Work

The weather has kept us at home.  Grey skies are one thing, but cold, damp, wind-driven rain is a force to be reckoned with.  And inspite of Drizabone, there still has to be enough light bring some decent exposure rates.
So. Home it is.

I was under the pergola, working with the Nikon 1 focusing variations, and noted our local female Blackbird going over the fence with a beakful of building material.  She stopped long enough on one trip that  I managed to get a reasonable shot of her at work.  “So,” thought I, “She must have a nest going in somewhere nextdoor.”

About an hour later, however I saw a Blackbird with head up and lots of wing flapping, and I reached for the camera, thinking it was probably a juvenile that was begging for food.

Tapdancing and singing
Tapdancing and singing

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Graced by an Osprey at The Office

See the world as your self. Have faith in the way things are. Love the world as your self; then you can care for all things.
Lao Tzu

We have had some rain.  70mm in 3 days, the gauge says.
And, this morning, I set out for my weekly Tia Chi class.  Start of a new semester, so I was pretty excited about getting back to class.  And at 8:00am, as I was getting ready, the rain, was, well, sheeting down. So any ideas of spending a few hours with the birds at The Office, were not even a glimmer of hope.   But a we settled into such routines as “Waving hands like Clouds”, “White Crane Cools Wings”, and “Monkey offers a Peach”, it was possible to glimpse a shaft of brilliant sunshine making an appearance through the clouds.  By the time we paused for a break, it was definitely bright sunshine warming me though the window, and stirring the possibilities of a chance to venture out in the early afternoon.

EE soon agreed and we headed out right after lunch. To my despair, the road into The Office, was waterlogged. And we picked our way along through the water, and the puddles and the inevitable mud pools.  On arrival at the carpark, Kitty and Kalev were nowhere to be seen, and despite looking for a while, we still were Kiteless.  So we wandered down to the river area.
Which as it turns was a great move.

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