How to Brighten up a Grey Box Forest

I suppose it was not to be unexpected that after finding some Flame Robins at The Office last week, that we would have to venture further afield.
A rare find of a Rose Robin at Woodlands Historic Park, must have got the inquisitive out and about, as every person we met today asked, “Have you seen the Rose Robin?”  Sadly we had to respond “No”.  We did manage to get an indication that some Flame Robins had been seen down near the hospital dam, and so like the Banjo suggests,  “We went”.

But no luck. Did you remember to pack the bird karma, she asked.

At this time of the year I always expect the Bandicoot Hilton, Backpaddock to be firmly locked from mere mortals, but today it was open and so we ventured in.

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Re-decorating the Office

Well it is indeed that time of year when the seasons change and with that change the birdlife at the Office begins to take on a new look for Winter.

So a change of colour scheme is definitely on the agenda.
Out with the mottled tones of Summer, and in with the bold colours of cooler days.

And the first of our Winter collection is ready for show

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Good old flat lighting works for me

Posted a new image and discussion over on Studio Werkz.

Studio Werkz

Things have been a bit hectic at Studio Werkz.
I was sitting quietly on a seat in the shade of the late afternoon sun, waiting for some ducks to begin their bathing routine in the late sunshine.

When, for no reason other than it wanted to, this young Nankeen Night Heron swung down out of the sky and landed a few metres from me feet.

WIth the sun as the main light source coming directly from behind me, and sprinkling its goodness as it came through the tall trees and foliage, tiny pin-point spot lights were the order of the day.

The rich golden light of that evening sun, seemed in so many ways to balance and enhance the young bird’s feather set.

My real challenge was to keep the exposure from washing out the highlights, and also from blocking up the shadows.  I tend to use a Picture Control on…

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Bathing Beauty

I have to say, I’ve never seen a White-faced Heron engaged in a bathing session.

That is until today.

Was working with a couple of Nankeen Night Heron juveniles, and somewhere, you know, way over there, was a White-faced Heron. Not that I was really interested at that distance anyway.

For its own reasons, it waded out into the deeper water, and proceeded to settle down into the water up to the top of its wings.  And then it must have rocked back on its wings/tail and stood vertically.   Most interesting.  Continue reading “Bathing Beauty”