Little Raven, Willie Wagtail: Frustration

Birds as Poetry is an ongoing project of my bird photography.

You’ll find the Blog has lots of current work and thoughts

Bird Species will be added with New Work. Most of the work now resides in my online photodata base, as it’s been eating up my limted storage space in WordPress.
The links will take you to a gallery and click on an image for full screen

StudioWerkz is more a collection of photo related subjects.
It has a long if not distinguished history. It is probably the closest to art photography on the site

The Signature Series has a collection of pictures that have been significant enough for me to make a wall print. Eventually it wil link to the same named folder in Flickr

About. You guessed it.

The menu from time to time will have links to other photo related topics and occassional gear thoughts. (I don’t do reviews)

Birds as Poetry Blog

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Signature Series

A collection of photos I print for my wall

I Am birdsasapoetry.com

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