Signature Series

These are images that I enjoy so much that I’ve made a print for the wall.   We don’t have much wall space so there is only a few such shots.

To see a larger size click on the image, it will go to the Flickr site.

Brown Falcon, Brown on Brown

Australian Kestrel wings out.

Young Nankeen Kestrel in flight


Diamond Firetail: Just checkin!

Spotted Harrier on a turn

White-winged Chough: Loner
Black-shouldered Kite- Colour Set
Red Wattlebird: The Dance
Nankeen Kestrel: Looking Forward, Looking Back
Eastern Spinebill-At work
Brown Falcon: Meet Cassia

11 thoughts on “Signature Series

  1. Hi David, good to meet up with you at Serendip Sanctuary yesterday. Was just browsing some of your amazing images. They are absolutely brilliant and a delight to ponder. Can I ask what settings you use when capturing birds in flight?


    1. Hello Emmy, It was a good day at the Serendip Area. And good to catch up with the folk who attended.
      Most of my inflight is done on Nikon cameras, almost all set the same way.
      Exposure is Aperture Priority
      Focus is Continous AF Think its Servo AF in Canon
      Focus area is set to One Point. I use that rather than clever multi-point as the camera has less to calculate and can react quicker.
      Focus tracking is set to OFF, or sometimes to Normal
      Focus actuation is set to the Shutter Button, I don’t use Back Button Focus (BBF).
      Frame rate is set to Single. I don’t do multi-burst.

      I then use “Focus Bumping” once I’ve acquired the bird in frame. Focus bumping is a technique taught by Jim Neiger This explains it.

      Hope that helps.

      Oh, and practice, practice, practice. 🙂



    1. Hi Hints of Life,
      Glad you enjoyed this. It is a bit of an orphan of my work on the blog, I must attend to giving it the a little bit of tender loving care, and add a few new images.
      I was linking to Flickr, but some of the links have been broken for various reasons. Will have to put in a few hours to rebuild

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