Birds as Poetry

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Photographing birds becomes a passion, bordering on an obsession.  There are no pills that can be taken, it’s not life threatening.

Across the site, there is no technical or scientific investigation of the bird, its life or its status.

I find Jon Young’s What the Robin Knows, to be a constant source of inspiration of coming into the life of a bird.  I might spend two hours in the scrub but only work with one or two birds.  A big day out.

I’m not a Taoist, but their interaction with Nature always resonates with me. I also practice Tai Chi, and among other things am amazed at how many movements are a direct reflection of what I see in the bush. Somehow that is magic I want to reflect in the images and stories here.

“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”
― Lao Tzu

What you’ll find here is no coffee cup or shopping list, just insights from our time with the birds.

One of the wonderful things about photography is the way in which information is shared.  I had the good fortune as a young photographer to be mentored by several great practitioners. Their insight, and encouragement in things both technical and aesthetic helped me expand my skills and seek new ideas.

About the about me. It’s  little snippet from my old site.It also enabled me to look at my own work and learn from it.

“I am still on a learning curve, new techniques, new equipment and new processes all give us great ways to see our subject and then the opportunity to share those images in new ways.

“Now, I am in fortunate position to be able to pass on some of the things that have worked for me, some of things that still challenge me and to provide encouragement for any who want to improve their photographic vision.

“Look through the site, pick up things that are useful, perhaps drop me a note for any other questions.  We can learn together. “

David has worked as a Photographic Tutor with Centre for Adult Education, Melbourne. He has articles and photos contributed to a number of classic car, bird and travel magazines and book, and e-publications.

He has been a photo trainer for over 40 years both locally and internationally.

“My enjoyment of the medium of photography is partly in the art, partly in the craft and all about being able to share what I see.”

What’s in the site?

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So what is in the little boxes on the right hand side.  You could click and find out, but after awhile the logic is not as good as when I started.

Birds as Poetry

Here are links to other Blogs as part of Birds as Poetry.  Each site is for info, pictures, encounters and enjoyment of individual species.  It will probably end up being the longest of the lists.

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14 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear David,
    My wife Allison is an artist (a hobby – she is actually a nurse). Last year, just for practice, she copied your red capped robin photo which was on the front of the August BOCA magazine. It’s not a very good piece of artwork, as it was her first attempt at using coloured pencils (she usually does graphite drawings). I take lots of bird photos myself, and have plenty of photos of red capped robins which she can use next time.
    A few weeks ago, I set up a website for her to encourage her to take a more professional approach to her hobby. I used her drawing of your photo as part of the banner of the website. I am sure that this is a breach of your copyright, and if you have any objections, I’ll replace it. The website is http://www.portraitfromyourphoto.com.
    I would have contacted you earlier, but only just found last year’s magazine with your name under the photograph.
    Carl Moller


    1. Hi Ana,
      I try to update here with a new blog about twice a week. Depends on where we go and what we see. The pages for specific birds is way way way behind. There is always so many other things to do. Hope you enjoy.


    2. Dear David,
      Thank you for your posting birds in flight. I would like to use some of them in a book entitled Now I Fly, about the psychological aspects of uplifting flight. I want to credit and pay the copyright fee wherever it is appropriate.


    1. G.day,

      Thanks for dropping by. I’m on Blogging 101 with WordPress, and one of the assigements is to find some blog sites that resonate. Yours did, and I’m honoured to be following.


  2. DJ, Great to catch up with you mate, its been a long long long long time!
    Great to see you still clicking the shutter. I do like wise, but since moving State side do not have anywhere near as much time for it.
    The WordPress is looking tidy, well done. I also run my site on WP.
    Take care and keep posting!


  3. Hi David, Thanks for sharing your passion with us. I have been on walks with Graeme Harkom but not recently due to health issues. You might like to explore Macrostop.com by Michael Erlewine he shares
    your interests …a walk with nature and a camera….. cheers Neville


  4. Hi David. A couple of years ago you were kind enough to let me use a photo of a Red-necked Stint on the cover of the Pukorokoro Miranda Shorebird Centre magazine. Now we’re doing a calendar as a fundraising and publicity exercise and I wondered whether you’d let me use it again. Cheers. Jim Eagles


  5. Hi Jim,

    No problems. You are most welcome.

    However if the photo was on Flickr, there is a good chance that it no longer exists on that server. (Flickr changes).

    So if you don’t have access to the file from previously let me know and I’ll arrange for a copy to be emailed to you.



  6. Hi David,
    My sister and I live in the Blue Mountains and have begun making soap with kind ingredients. We are hooked and decided to create a business name after a little bird we see in the forests round about…the rose robin. I have been looking for a photo on the internet to use on a card we will put with the soap with a list of ingredients and a little blurb about the robin. You have some very gorgeous photos of “Ambrose” and I wondered if you would mind if we used one? I am not sure if your images are for sale or not but would love to hear back.
    Thankyou David,


  7. Hi David?
    Just reaching out because I may need to source a W-b Sea-eagle image for a NSW Dept.PIE threatened species report. I’m just editing it at the moment & it looks like they’ve used an image with unknown credit. If this is not resolved it would have to be replaced & I’d like to use one of yours, please. They’re beautiful! You’d be credited of course.


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