Willie Wagtail

DWJ_4921 - Version 2
Not sure if you know. But if you click on the image it will go to a larger size Click a second time and it will go to full size. Worth it to see the priceless expression here Enjoy

This is Gate Willie.

It has a territory by the main gate at Paradise Road entrance at Western Treatment Plant.
His (?) job in the world is to give lectures to all those who would dare to open the gate and enter the Paradise Road area.
and a good job he does too.

Site Disclaimer

I’ve really been away from the day to day running of WordPress sites.  Just assumed everything stayed the same.


Its come to my attention that WordPress now ‘occasionally‘ (euphemism I suspect for consistently and annoyingly) insert Advertisements into my website when you are viewing it.

So the inference is either:

1.  I am making some financial gain from ads on the site. 


2. I’m a cheapskate and I won’t pay WordPress for the ‘Pro’ account that doesn’t use Ads.

So the facts.

I don’t make any financial gain from this site. Never. Didn’t start it with that intention and don’t intend to start. The site is not about me, or my photography, but rather about the birds and they receive no financial gain from the site at all.

I pay WordPress to host my http://www.birdsaspoetry.com site name.  They link it using all sorts of clever computer skills, (probably devised by some 11 year old kid in his bedroom at 3:00am in the morning), and I pay them a small fee per year for that privilege.  But, it is apparently not enough to prevent the ads.

As they want about $90. a year for the no ads site, I guess in the end I’ll have to put up the cash, but at the moment, if you are assailed by ads, then just click past them.  Sorry.

I am mortified that WordPress has taken this approach.  Still, nothing for nothing in this world. Just ask the Curlew Sandpipers trying to migrate through farmlands and housing estates in China where once they could stop over for a food topup in the mangroves.  Sad.

Hope you’re not put off by the ads.

Thanks for looking