Wandering with Werribee Wagtails at Western Treatment Plant on a rainy day.

DJ's Birds as Poetry

What ever, going out with about 30 happy, enthusiastic bird loving folk is always a good way to spend a Tuesday.  Rain or not.

Did I mention rain,  oh, yes.  Well as the morning proceeded on, the weather changed from average to going home dreadful.

Mr An Onymous was with me, and we decided to risk a trip around Lake Borrie to see if we could locate a flock of White-winged Black Terns.  These  birds have turned up and are voraciously feeding on insects, masses of them.

The rain went from falling to being blown horizontally, but didn’t stop the birds, nor your intrepid photographers.  But one has to say, the warming coffee at the Highway Lounge on the way home was probably the highlight of the day.

And to top it off…

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