Few Changes in Birds as Poetry blogsville

Astute reader that you are, you’ll note that the corkboard backdrop (sooo yesterday, – Paris Hilton), has disappeared

Also each new blog will get a single header image to establish the theme of the blog.

Also for the time being, the images/story will be generated on my other site and sent here for re-blogging. (Not much else on other site, but I can experiment there to get the best look here.

Expect to see the overall theme change on this page, although I’ve said that before and its never happened.

Oh, and while I’ll continue on Flickr, expect to see the images on this site show more of the story of each event.   I can’t make Flickr tell a complete tale.

More to come as I try and redevelop this to express where I’m going photographically in 2015 and beyond.

Probably see many more quotes from Jon Young and Rod MacKiver, and Lao Tze and Winnie the Pooh.  Oh, well its that sort of mind.

Enjoy the ride.

Hmm, a Goshawk up there, what is it doing?
Hmm, a Goshawk up there, what is it doing?