Walking at Woodlands

DJ's Birds as Poetry

Heads up. We were off to Woodlands Historic Park.
Of course the attraction was the possibility of finding Flame Robins.
And that would have been nice.

Said she as we drove up the Ring Road. “Do you think the Backpaddock will be open?” Must admit hadn’t thought about it, but the chances I had to agree were a bit scary.
But, this time the paddock was open and we ventured in. Been awhile since we’ve been that way, and I think I have Grey Box forest sap running in my blood, as I began to feel quite comfortable in that deep grey and green area.
However try as we might, not a Flame to be seen. “Put it down to the dry weather,” said EE. Again not in a position to argue.
And I’d gone out prepared with the tripod, lenses and gear, so after several hours of walking and…

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