Welcoming back the Flame Robins

DJ's Birds as Poetry

Every year, without my help, the Flame Robins migrate out of the high-country where they have spent summer and nested out the next generation.
As a young bloke, I wandered over a fair proportion of the high-country during the end of year holidays, and enjoyed both the walking, the snow gums and the friendly red chested birds in abundance with their young. We would often spend 2-3 weeks above the snowline line.  Our young kids grew up knowing as much about the Alpine area as about their own backyard.

So it was interesting for me, at a number of levels to find that these brilliant coloured birds wintered over in the low country, and as many of 70-80 birds might be found on a good day at Woodlands Historic Park.  One area I call the “footballl field”, and of course gentle reader you are welcome to guess why I’d choose…

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