Dust Dancing

DJ's Birds as Poetry

Had the pleasure of the company of Edaurdo and Maria from Chile, on a day at the Western Treatment Plant. Of course on their list was Brolga.  And despite some good sightings the past few weeks, of course, we failed to find any at all during the day.

On the way out as the sun was slowly sinking in the west, as it apparently does regularly, we spotted a pair on a paddock that has been ploughed over by the Farm team.   With a light breeze to pickup the dust, and a softly setting sunlight, the stage was well prepared for a  touch of the prancing and dancing that these awesome birds are capable of.

Hard not to take lots of frames, and here is a short selection,  I’ve also made a slide show gallery that animates it a little.

Great way to end a day.



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7 thoughts on “Dust Dancing

  1. What a thrill it must have been to witness this David. There were some awesome high kicks along the way. I wonder what it all means? Love how it ended with a kiss 🙂


    1. Hi Amanda, each time we go out, we are always anticipating that one time we’ll see them perform. I’m so delighted with the little dust in the air that makes it just that bit more dramatic
      Glad you enjoyed them.


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