Eynesbury Gems: Take #3

Been pondering anew, my approach to Bird Photography, again.  Yes dear reader, tis that time of year again for tinsel, things red and white, muzak that dumbs the mind at the shopping centre and of course my annual “where is my photography going to bend in 2019”. But

Fear not, this is not that blog.
Great gasps of relaxation and sighs of relief heard across the ‘blogosphere’.


I really wanted to get the remainder of the shots from our Eynesbury excursions, (incursions?) out.

So rather than belabour, here is the best of the rest sort of feature.
There is still one more chapter to put up, but I’m going to do that as a Snapshots type blog as it concerns our favourite Jackys and their now well fledged young.  Might even get that done the next few days.

Here tis.

After about 20 attempts this is as good as it got. A Tree Martin flying in with food for the young. I think that Tree Martins have multiple families at nest inside the hollows.


A very young Black Kite. We sat with the young bird for several hours over three days, but didnot see the adults come to the nest.
However there was a constant overflying as they kept check on the young one for above.


Another from the Black Kite at Play series


Another from the Black Kite at Play series. It is coming out of a turn and heading into the wind using all the speed it gained on the run with the wind


Black-faced Cuckooshrike


Overenthusiastic young one just about unperches the adult. I love the look on the adutls face.


This looks like family fun, however food is involved and when the adult arrived to feed the lower bird, the upper one flew in. Then to get in a better position to be fed, it ‘stepped’ over its rival.
The adult sovled the problem by flying off the end of the branch, circling and landing nearer the lower bird. It’s not always the loudest and largest beak that gets filled.


Little Eagle. Eynesbury has a resident pair of Little Eagle. I suspect, from the calls, that there is a nest located on the western side of the forest, but have to say I’ve been out of luck locating it.


And of course Jacky Winter

Watching Jacky feed is quite interesting. The young don’t cry out for food. Most times they don’t even respond to Mum or Dad arriving. Then there must be a quiet call, and they quickly pop up, the food is delivered and they both settle straight down. It’s also not unusual for the adult to spend a few minutes alongside the nest making sure all is well before flying off.



Messing with Themes again


Well, you could just put it down to raining, and too much time on my hands.


I’ve taken to change the theme for Birdsaspoetry.

What I liked about the old theme is better expressed in the new.  It makes the photos the hero, the text is supportive, and as I think I’m going to discover the text will be less obtrusive as I try to make the stories carry with the photos alone.   We’ll see.
What the theme does give me is the chance to clean up all the old material that is pretty much not used and give nice clean feel to the front page.

So, here is a happy looking Australian Hobby  who obviously enjoyed the challenge of change.


Off to a Flying Start

Haven’t been in the doldrums.  It’s just that there is so many things happening.
Been enjoying Mike over at The Online Photographer  See here for “When things Go Wrong”. http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2016/12/things-go-wrong.html
Go on, have a look, you deserve a smile. Especially the comment on alarm clocks that don’t turn off!

Been meandering through Julieanne Kost’s “Passenger Seat” folio book. Julieanne is a product evangelist for Adobe Lightroom, (and having been one of them product evangellies in me time, I am a bit sympathetic to start with),
But Julieanne is quite a creative, and very visually expressive photographer.   As she says in the introduction, “meeting with others continually opens my eyes to what’s possible.” and that is why we share stuff I guess.

A wonderful blend of grey and ginger
A wonderful blend of grey and ginger

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An easy day out

Friend of mine once said in conversation as we chatted about my time in the bush,  “Bird photography is pretty easy, you just sit in a deckchair and photograph any birds that happen to come by.”  And today, for once, he was right. Thanks for the advice John.

Mr An Onymous had looked at the weather maps, the weather forecasts, the icon ladies and I guess in the end, just plain looked out the window, and declared we should take a trip to Point Cook Coastal Park on Friday.  Sounded good as we’d not been out that way since the end of the Flame Robin season, most of the birds were well on their way back by mid of September.

Meet you down there, and so we did.


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What a Difference some Sunshine Makes

Been beavering away here at the Website trying to find ways to improve the overall look and experience of visiting, and trying to give expression visually to the site’s dedicated title. “Birds as Poetry”.

Sometimes its easy to find clever words to describe a moment in time with the birds, or to cover over the fact it was just another day on the job making images of very fine birds. But that is not the visual feel.  And above all I guess my main goal for the web pages.

Been doing as you’ve probably gathered a bit of introspection on what the bird stories should show, how relevant that is to those who have graciously signed up to follow along here and at the same time not making it so esoteric that even I find it hard to reach those heights of expression.

And at another level, the pure old photographic know how and application needs to still satisfy both viewer and creator.  And of course in this day and age wrestling with the ever-advancing technology that so readily leads us onward with banners waving from one vantage point to the next, without even taking the time to notice the journey across the plain.

Along with photography, poor writing and a love of Russel Coight’s All Australian Adventure tv shows (skits please), I also offer Tai Chi as another of my dizzying weaknessess.  What I like most about this ancient (art) is the definiteness of purpose and deliberateness of movement. And in that is the edge of my photography with the birds, and hence the constant need to find expression of Birds  as  Poetry.

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Blogging 101 Day 2

A Chip of the old block

Been holding off on this series as I was hoping for a few better days. But, no, seems to fit in here now.
The past few months at The Office a pair of Brown Falcons have been at work on their nest and resulting offspring.
You’ll have met Bernie before on here or Flickr. I only ever see or find the female occasionally. She is a much lighter colour, and I named her Bernice, – easy ah?

We were going in to look for the young Black-shoudlered Kites and found the two young falcons hunting of the fence line near the road.  Only got a brief look and some pretty average pictures, too far away and too much heat haze.
Then the other morning we found one of them on the same fence. But the light was better.
So here is Chip. (as in off the old block).

It has certainly inherited Bernie’s distinguished, handsome looks.  We stayed in the car, didn’t want to frighten it, and in the end, it just lifted off the fence and floated away to hunt in the long grass.

This is how its done.  That really distinctive pose from the tree top vantage point
This is how its done. That really distinctive pose from the tree top vantage point
Bernice in flight
Bernice in flight
Bernie in the sunshine. Rich browns and gold
Bernie in the sunshine.
Rich browns and gold
On a mission.
On a mission.
First sighting of "Chip"
First sighting of “Chip”
Hello Chip.  Just like your father.
Hello Chip. Just like your father.
Simply stepping out in the breeze.
Simply stepping out in the breeze.





Day two Blogging 101

What is the Title and Tagline saying?

When I set up Birds as Poetry on WordPress I bought along with it some already set ideas.  One was the title.  And I’m still happy with that. Says it all.

The small tagline I added I have to confess simply because in the setup page there was a blank box to be filled in.  And its stayed that way till now.
Today’s challenge was to make it part of the blog and help readers gain a snapshot of the blog in 30 words or less.

Well, in reality, I don’t think anyone coming to the sight is going to be affected one way or the other.  Let’s face it, you log on, look at the pics, cursorily scan the text,”Maybe this time he said something worthwhile, (we all live in hopes!)”. See a shot or two of some -interesting- birds, and get on with the amazing thing called life.

So I decided seeing as how change is in the air, that I’d update it.  First time round a small piece of Haiku from a Chinese master.

Was going to ramble on about a factoid, but decided that “Chip” was the ideal model.  What a great looking bird.


Where’s the SITE. What happened to Birds as Poetry???????

No, you’ve not missed something.
Change is as they say in the wind.

I’ve had to abandon the old (outdated, outmoded), template that I’ve been using since way back before when.

And pick a new one.
Several hours and I’ve managed to get this far. But,  it didn’t take to kindly to all my side bar side shows and has unceremoniously dumped them all down rather inelegantly at the bottom of the page.

So more work for the poor old site operator. (me!)

In the meantime you get slightly bigger images and not so much junk to wade through and somewhere all the header are a lurking.  We’ll find them.

So don’t despair.


The Birds of Kangaroo Island A Photographic Field Guide.

A little bit chuffed with myself.

This lovely book turned up in the mail today.

A beautifully laid out book, with each bird to a spread and a page of photos.

The Text from Chris Baxter shows a labour of love and really interesting insights into each bird.

I’m pretty excited as several of my shots are used to illustrate the birds. My real pride and joy of course is the Southern Boobook which was on Flickr in October 2014.

It’s a good field guide to many other areas and will be get lots of use when we are working with waders.

Book Detail.
ATF Press Adelaide   See Website Here

There is also a radio interview with Chris Baxter on the site as well.
Radio interview with Chris Baxter by Ian Henschke of the ‘Morning Program’  on Adelaide ABC Local Radio 891, Friday 15 May 2015.

Birds of Kangaroo Island A Photographic Field Guide