Messing with Themes again


Well, you could just put it down to raining, and too much time on my hands.


I’ve taken to change the theme for Birdsaspoetry.

What I liked about the old theme is better expressed in the new.  It makes the photos the hero, the text is supportive, and as I think I’m going to discover the text will be less obtrusive as I try to make the stories carry with the photos alone.   We’ll see.
What the theme does give me is the chance to clean up all the old material that is pretty much not used and give nice clean feel to the front page.

So, here is a happy looking Australian Hobby  who obviously enjoyed the challenge of change.


4 thoughts on “Messing with Themes again

  1. Yeah, the white is a bit stark. Also this theme does not seem very responsive? I have a vertical monitor I use to surf the web on and it makes a bit of a mess of this page, but it still works. Sorta. But I love that you keep tinkering.


    1. G,day,
      Thanks for the feedback, as I spent most of the afternoon humming and hahhing about making the change.
      If it ain’t broke. Don’t fix it.
      The scrappy left overs from a number of older sites still linger around on the birdsaspoetry folder, and have been on my mind to elimate the past couple of years.
      But, each time I change, I cringe.
      The previous change to Affinity Theme, gave me the impetus to take the blog into the current century 🙂
      There are still a few malingering pages that need to be dropped.
      This change seemed to simplify the overall look of the site, gave the photos Top Billing, so it was going to be a matter of time, so I took to tinkering.

      But, how it looks on say my monitor, the mac air, the iPads, and the phone is not quite as consistent as I was hoping.
      When you suggest the page is messed, I’m guessing that its the header photos that are either strangely cropped or shrunk down, (depends on monitor).
      And for older posts, not much I can do about that.
      Its a template size thing, however now I know what the size is, and its limitations, I’ll just scale the image to fit. Easy peasy.

      I like black text on white. Call me very old old fashioned. And I don’t like photos on black. It depresses me.
      And, really, I know, 18% grey, blah blah,
      I wrote the page notes on Kodak R-27 Grey Card (1979 edition)
      So we’ll compromise till I work out a better setting. 🙂

      I am deeply intent on getting rid of any distracting or extraneous headers, footers, and helpful photo info, -the photo stuff goes to Studio Werks ( and I can delete the rest.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, as it is a work in progress, and in the end, I just want the bird to be the heros.




  2. Well done David! I agree with you about giving the pictures preeminence and removing the distracting clutter that the younger technos seem to feel we need. Like you I like a simple unclutted life which diplays what you want to say in an easy reading easy viewing situation. I like the change it is positive.


    1. G,day AB,
      Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate your thoughts.
      One of the things this theme should give is a fine layout of Gallery, so I should be able to put up a number of shots from a shoot and have them display well from the first page. At least it looks that way. Otherwise galleries are just a small collection of thumbnails and I’ve never been satisfied with the layout or look of that.

      I also have been working to remove all the other clutter, that pesky sidebar is now I hope a thing of the past, and I’ll move the few external references to their own page, no one looks there anyway on a normal day through. 🙂

      The text size and the image importance need to be a harmony and I rather enjoy the visual feel. I’d like to think it says something of my photographic work.

      All good to go, thanks again, hopefully the weather will clear and I’ll be able to get outside.


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