Where’s the SITE. What happened to Birds as Poetry???????

No, you’ve not missed something.
Change is as they say in the wind.

I’ve had to abandon the old (outdated, outmoded), template that I’ve been using since way back before when.

And pick a new one.
Several hours and I’ve managed to get this far. But,  it didn’t take to kindly to all my side bar side shows and has unceremoniously dumped them all down rather inelegantly at the bottom of the page.

So more work for the poor old site operator. (me!)

In the meantime you get slightly bigger images and not so much junk to wade through and somewhere all the header are a lurking.  We’ll find them.

So don’t despair.


3 thoughts on “Where’s the SITE. What happened to Birds as Poetry???????

  1. Oooh! Aah! Ouch! Things could get better, or worse. Hope it’s the former. I’m currrently busy with an update to the birdlifephotography website (much more than just a template change), and I think that’s lots harder! Hope you get your changes sorted soon.



  2. Tech comment warning! Any chance that you can include the post date of related comments? I clicked on one from your Shrike-tit post yesterday, and went back to 2013. Good, but old.

    Also, your new sidebar has lots of html code in it – all apparently missing opening “<" tags. Not a good look!



  3. G,day,

    Too little time to many things.
    The html is because the ‘old’ site worked and the new sites have their own ideas about what is viewable. Expect to see me either abandon WordPress or find some way to go back. All I wanted was a simple life. I’m not in a mindset to go trawling through heaps of sidebar code, line by line to find each < that needs to be put back.

    The problem being that the templates I chose to move to all unceremoniously dumped the side bar info at the bottom of the page and set it all in some Super Large type font.
    And short of starting from the very beginning its impossible to rebuild.

    The other daggy thing was it shows up the Flickr sets as some sort of stylised mosaic that is impossible to view.

    Good luck with the birdlife photography site


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