Blogging 101 Day 2

A Chip of the old block

Been holding off on this series as I was hoping for a few better days. But, no, seems to fit in here now.
The past few months at The Office a pair of Brown Falcons have been at work on their nest and resulting offspring.
You’ll have met Bernie before on here or Flickr. I only ever see or find the female occasionally. She is a much lighter colour, and I named her Bernice, – easy ah?

We were going in to look for the young Black-shoudlered Kites and found the two young falcons hunting of the fence line near the road.  Only got a brief look and some pretty average pictures, too far away and too much heat haze.
Then the other morning we found one of them on the same fence. But the light was better.
So here is Chip. (as in off the old block).

It has certainly inherited Bernie’s distinguished, handsome looks.  We stayed in the car, didn’t want to frighten it, and in the end, it just lifted off the fence and floated away to hunt in the long grass.

This is how its done.  That really distinctive pose from the tree top vantage point
This is how its done. That really distinctive pose from the tree top vantage point
Bernice in flight
Bernice in flight
Bernie in the sunshine. Rich browns and gold
Bernie in the sunshine.
Rich browns and gold
On a mission.
On a mission.
First sighting of "Chip"
First sighting of “Chip”
Hello Chip.  Just like your father.
Hello Chip. Just like your father.
Simply stepping out in the breeze.
Simply stepping out in the breeze.





Day two Blogging 101

What is the Title and Tagline saying?

When I set up Birds as Poetry on WordPress I bought along with it some already set ideas.  One was the title.  And I’m still happy with that. Says it all.

The small tagline I added I have to confess simply because in the setup page there was a blank box to be filled in.  And its stayed that way till now.
Today’s challenge was to make it part of the blog and help readers gain a snapshot of the blog in 30 words or less.

Well, in reality, I don’t think anyone coming to the sight is going to be affected one way or the other.  Let’s face it, you log on, look at the pics, cursorily scan the text,”Maybe this time he said something worthwhile, (we all live in hopes!)”. See a shot or two of some -interesting- birds, and get on with the amazing thing called life.

So I decided seeing as how change is in the air, that I’d update it.  First time round a small piece of Haiku from a Chinese master.

Was going to ramble on about a factoid, but decided that “Chip” was the ideal model.  What a great looking bird.


8 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Day 2

  1. Hi David, I would like to use “On a mission” as an inspiration image and to analyse it for one of my Uni projects, I would like to get your permission first of course.
    Cheers Andrew


    1. Thanks for dropping by. You beautiful site really resonates with me. I am on Blogging 101 with WordPress and am after all these years just beginning to see some of the wonderful work that is available. Thanks again for collecting such a vast amount of birding information. I will put up a link on my front page.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks so much David for your kind encouraging words, and also thank you for your link to my site. I will include you in my links page also. If you could correct my site name to Aussiebirder rather then Aussie Birder I would be appreciative as there is another person who goes by that name. However, I own the website and people know me as Aussiebirder in one word. I may consider a widget link page in the coming weeks on my blog page. I love your work it is inspiring, and it is always a delight to experience and then share in our photographs the special moments with our birds. It is always special to us to have contact from Australian birders, as most are from other countries. Have a great week!


  2. Hi, easy to change, and Aussiebirder it now is. Thanks for dropping by
    Always on the look out for local birders who are blogging as well, so nice to have some extra contacts.



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