Blogging 101 Week 2 Day 5

Bit of Technical fluff and nonsense for today.

The assignement is to add links to blogs I follow.  To be blunt, I never thought of that before!  So, it opens up who I have been following and what blogs  I enjoy.  So now instead of reducing the stuff on the Sidebar, it has Gotten BIGGER!!!

I’ve been able to add a section that has links to some blogs that I follow. You might find a gem or two in there.

A few will know I’ve been working on “Children of the Wind“.  An idea born out of some Jon Young directions, but mostly an exploration of how as photographers we seek, find and enjoy new subjects, or new takes on old ones, or revisiting themes and styles from previous years, or looking at learning from, leaning on the masters of the past and how they in the ‘minds-eye’ expressed their feel to a subject.
You can see why its not going to be something I’m going to expand on too far or fast.  Still.

I’ve always been fascinated by the way light melds across a subject. I’ve been know to drive 100’s kms to catch an early morning sun-rise or to sit for hours waiting for the evening light to throw across the stage and enhance the main subject with its golden goodness.

So just for this time, here is a change from birds.