Wonders of a little rain

After a couple of days of what can only be described as ‘typical’ Melbourne weather, the clouds eased off a bit, and the biting chill was gone from the wind.  So we both ventured out to see what the rain had done in the park.

We quickly found a number of Thornbills and Pardalottes who were enjoying hunting in the sunshine.
Also found a few robins Scarlet is still there and his Red-capped consort has taken on a particularly brilliant orange/rust coloured cap.

A small group of Dusky Woodswallows were enthralled with a small lump on a tree high up and spent a lot of time squabbling and mobbing one another, for what we suspect was a pool of water built up in the node on the tree.

And a lovely Redcapped Robin male danced by and posed against a freshly built spider-web.  Pity the light was just overcast at the time as the web would have glistened in the sunlight.

Red-capped Robin male and a spider web contrast.
Dusky Woodswallow flock taking a drink from a small pool of water high up in a tree.

2 thoughts on “Wonders of a little rain

  1. G,day,
    Welcome back. I must admit that sometimes a shot just seems to work even as I’m thinking about it. Only thing I wanted was to get a little clearance on his tail from the tree, but to many other things in the way.
    To be brutally honest, I really didn’t see the web until I looked at the frame on the computer, and just went “Wow”.
    Hope to see you out there sometime.


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