Out in the evening sunshine. Red-capped Robin Male

First day of April and the weather just keeps getting better.  Dorothy and I had taken the morning to visit Westgate Park, right near the huge bridge over the Yarra.  It used to be a city dump, and has been reclaimed, and with lots of volunteer work it is being turned into a little wilderness Oasis just a short trip from the CBD.  More power to those who thought it a good idea and all those who worked to bring it back to such great shape.

In the afternoon I needed some retail therapy and on the way back stopped at the Providence Road carpark and met Peter Tompson who is a great contributor to the Victoria Birdline. We have a good chat about the Black Falcons at WTP, and another birdo friend, Richard turned up, and even more discussion ensued.  Richard has a very extensive and annotated bird list going back about 20 years for the area, it even includes sightings from one of the park rangers at the time.

We walked down to the Backpaddock, and found our taxes had been at work, and the old gate had been repaired and now actually closes. Good work team.

Richard went off further down the range, and I did a quick scout about and found a pair of Red-capped Robins in the sunshine. This pair are starting to reclaim their territory. At the moment I haven’t been able to find most of the other pairs.  Hopefully they are still about, just hiding.  No sign of Flame Robins yet, but with the amount of food available everywhere, perhaps they will only pass through this year.

Red-capped Robin Male in his new winter attire. Pretty much full moulted and beginning to become vocal again.