Out and about at Woodlands

We tracked down to the Back Paddock area today to see what the state of play with the Robins was looking like.

We managed to find a couple of small hunting parties and a few isolated birds, but not a much else.

Ran across my friend Neil, and his bother, and had a good chat about things photographic and bird, so that made a good day of it all.

Several Grey Shrike Thrush came by and were hunting in their usual efficient manner, as well as Brown-headed Honeyeaters and a few Sitellas.  Probably the bird for the day was a Fantail Cuckoo, who with its friend sat in the sunshine and seemed to enjoy being the ‘model’ of the day.

We also took a walk about the Woodlands Homestead, and spotted a Brown Falcon at work out toward the airport, but not much else.  Am planning to cut along Moonee Ponds Creek down to the Billabongs, and see if there is any Flame Robin activity down there, but will need a clear day to do all that.