White-throated Treecreeper hard at work

So many places to go, so much to do, so little time.

When I first started looking at birds at Woodlands, I ran into  a birdo, Ray, who shared with me a lot of his knowledge of the area. One bird he pointed out was the White-throated Treecreeper and its distinctive call. It is alway such a pleasure to hear them, and find them among the trees.  The one Ray and I would find was a female, and for several seasons she didn’t seem to have a mate, then last season she turned up with a mate and eventually produced two young.  But since then I have only be only to find the female.

I heard her calling in the long creekline off Gellibrand Hill, and after a few minutes was able to find her hard at work. After following her about for about 15 minutes, I didn’t find any mate or young, so she might be back on her own.  But nice to see her again.

Also ran into a family of White-winged Choughs.  Or more accurately they found me and sped off with great alarm calls.  But then they settled down to feed and I was able to get within lens distance.  Lighting wasn’t so good, and I was hoping to get some pics of them with the lovely wings spread out.  But no such luck.  They are such a a dumpy looking bird, yet they seem to glide about as if on gossamer.  They have an elegance about the way they touch down for landing.

This one was in preening mode.