Flame Robins at Point Cook Costal Park

The Green Walks in the Parks group had a day at Point Cook Costal Park.

As soon as we arrived Dorothy spotted a Flame Robin male on the fence behind us in the carpark. And I hadn’t even gotten out of the car yet!

The robin was easy to work with, and I managed a few shots of him on the fence line. Then we moved toward the homestead and there were at least two more pairs working the paddock by the trackside. They made a great sight in the early morning sun, and I probably would have stayed there all day, but we did the walk with the group instead.  Good thing as we crossed two Brown Falcons, three Black-shouldered Kite, and at least one, possibly a pair of Kestrels. (its that who saw what, when thing of spotting in a group). The Kestrel male moved over head with his lovely chireep chireep hunting call.

To add to the day, a Whistling Kite lazed its way along the on shore breeze, looking for prey.

With all that activity, we just have to find time to go down there again.

Male Flame Robin. Hunting from the fence line at the Point Cook Costal Park