Looking for Flame Robins

Over the past few days I have been out and about on other things than birds at Woodlands.  Including a day up at Murrindindi with the Midweek Bird group. It is the first time I have been there since the horrific fires, and I was a bit hesitant about going. Tragedy is not something I am readily drawn to.  It is as they say nice to see the amount of regrowth, and in some cases  along the river the understory has taken on jungle proportions. Which made it hard to find birds, but none the less we managed between us about 40 species. Highlight of the day were some Scarlet Robins in the carparking areas.  I think they appreciated the open area for their wait and pounce hunting.  One seemed quite unconcerned and approached quite easily to with 4-5 metres. So some good shots were acquired.

This morning the sun was up bright and clear and I went for a look at Woodlands. Down at an area rapidly getting the name “Three Ways”.  It is where tracks T junction. After some time waiting, eventually a number of Flame Robins appeared.  There are two males and females, and a few immatures.  They worked over the area for about an hour, which was a good way I reckon to spend my time.  Then like always, a turn of the wing, and they were gone. Not to be seen again.

Feeding very close to my camera position.
RIght at the end of my focus on the camera, I had to pull back a bit to get focus.

More Images in the Flame Robin Gallery


2 thoughts on “Looking for Flame Robins

  1. G,day,

    Thanks for the note. Sometimes it helps when the weather is good and the light is right. I’m hoping for a good season.
    Let’s see: Good camera:Check, Good Lens: Check, Pretty good technique: Check, Good location: Check, Good weather: Check. Now, Birds, … birds, birds?


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