A Brief Interlude of Home Building with Tai Chi Pigeon

For a number of reasons, I was stuck at home today. And Tai Chi Spotted Turtle-dove (to give her correct name), came to visit.

I learn so much about my Tai Chi practice from this bird whose sense of balance, harmony, and zoning out, always seem to give me something new to contemplate.

But today, TC was not just visiting.  In the small bush beyond the fence, she has designs in mind.
And as I watched out the kitchen window waiting for the kettle to bring a cuppa to boil, she arrived with first one small twig, then another, then another of increasing size.  By this time the kettle was busily looking after itself, as I’d slipped into the workroom, grabbed the V3 and the 300mm PF and TC 1.4, I’d been playing with earlier.

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