With Nikon at the Go Carts. An evening in Port Melbourne

Sometimes a diversion is just what the doctor ordered.

Nikon Aust, had invited us to an evening to drool over their new hardware, the D5 and the D500 cameras.
My mate Mr An Onymous has a D500 on order and was itching to get to play with the kit.  So we accepted the invite, and also booked for EE to come along as well.  But, due to numbers, one of us got ‘bumped’ to the following night, and in the end just Mr An and I made the journey.   Just to hard to re-organise transport logistics due to Mr A O being on the next flight to Beijing in the morning.

The event was at the Auscarts Racing venue in Port Melbourne.  And if you think about it, it was just about the right spot to give the Fast cameras a real workout.  Low lighting, fast speeds, and the chance to get ‘trackside’.
Nikon worked it a treat.  We pondered that it would be next to impossible to give 30 or more photographers a D5 or D500 and say, “Good luck enjoy the night”. That would sort of be mayhem. But what they did was organised mayhem. Well not even that.  They had set up 8 or so ‘Stations’ where we could get to try different setups.

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