Finding Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoos

To be honest, we were just out for the sun, and the afternoon walk.
We had taken the road to The Office, and it was still a quagmire.  But at least passable, so we pressed on. And just as well we did. As “Bernie” the Brown Falcon, and “Bernice” were on display in the paddocks.  I’d say that they definitely have family matters on the agenda, and it was nice to be able to see them sitting together, and do a few slow laps over the tree tops.  Not the usual fast cutting run of a falcon on a mission.



We ambled up to the mansion, and as we settled with the ducks, a Great Egret, and a cuppa of the good Earl of Grey, it I thought I heard the loud noises of some cockatoos in the distance.  And within a few minutes, several Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoos slipped through the trees.

DSC_0028_02 (1)

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