Little Visits: Finding Red-capped Robins at Woodlands

Our morning at Eynesbury in the sunshine had us out and about, and we decided that a fine Chicken Focaccia and a Coffee a Regina’s at Greenvale was the go
What we didn’t off course expect was the Sunday Traffic!
Most Sundays, would see us out early and then back late in the day, this missing the mayhem that is sunday melbourne traffic.
And why is it that everybody who wanted to go very slowly was in the same lane I was in?  And why is that apparently when you drive that slowly the indicators on the car no longer work? and so you have to change lane without warning. Or worse. Slow down, even further, and then swing wide to turn either left or right making not only me, but the car in the next lane all take evasive action. Right into my lane!

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