A Brief Interlude of Home Building with Tai Chi Pigeon

For a number of reasons, I was stuck at home today. And Tai Chi Spotted Turtle-dove (to give her correct name), came to visit.

I learn so much about my Tai Chi practice from this bird whose sense of balance, harmony, and zoning out, always seem to give me something new to contemplate.

But today, TC was not just visiting.  In the small bush beyond the fence, she has designs in mind.
And as I watched out the kitchen window waiting for the kettle to bring a cuppa to boil, she arrived with first one small twig, then another, then another of increasing size.  By this time the kettle was busily looking after itself, as I’d slipped into the workroom, grabbed the V3 and the 300mm PF and TC 1.4, I’d been playing with earlier.

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Little Visits: Mansion Dwellers

We have a small break in the weather, and decided that a coffee at Werribee Mansion would be a good start, and a then a stroll around the gardens.  Actually we were both secretly hoping that that the Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoos might still be there.  But no such luck.
At the slowly draining lake in the gardens, the usual Great Egret and Little-pied Cormorant were in residence. Along with a young Australasian Darter, that seems to have taken up domicile in the tallest of the peppercorn trees by the lake.

Plenty of Superb Fairywrens and a lone Australasian Grebe, and we had a fine day to just relax and to put some practice in with the Nikon 1 gear and the superb 70-300mm zoom.

Must write a review on said lens.


The Werribee Mansion in sunlight Nikon V1 10-100mm PD Zoom and a Polarising Filter ISO 140, f/5, 1/250, @22mm

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Finding Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoos

To be honest, we were just out for the sun, and the afternoon walk.
We had taken the road to The Office, and it was still a quagmire.  But at least passable, so we pressed on. And just as well we did. As “Bernie” the Brown Falcon, and “Bernice” were on display in the paddocks.  I’d say that they definitely have family matters on the agenda, and it was nice to be able to see them sitting together, and do a few slow laps over the tree tops.  Not the usual fast cutting run of a falcon on a mission.



We ambled up to the mansion, and as we settled with the ducks, a Great Egret, and a cuppa of the good Earl of Grey, it I thought I heard the loud noises of some cockatoos in the distance.  And within a few minutes, several Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoos slipped through the trees.

DSC_0028_02 (1)

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With Nikon at the Go Carts. An evening in Port Melbourne

Sometimes a diversion is just what the doctor ordered.

Nikon Aust, had invited us to an evening to drool over their new hardware, the D5 and the D500 cameras.
My mate Mr An Onymous has a D500 on order and was itching to get to play with the kit.  So we accepted the invite, and also booked for EE to come along as well.  But, due to numbers, one of us got ‘bumped’ to the following night, and in the end just Mr An and I made the journey.   Just to hard to re-organise transport logistics due to Mr A O being on the next flight to Beijing in the morning.

The event was at the Auscarts Racing venue in Port Melbourne.  And if you think about it, it was just about the right spot to give the Fast cameras a real workout.  Low lighting, fast speeds, and the chance to get ‘trackside’.
Nikon worked it a treat.  We pondered that it would be next to impossible to give 30 or more photographers a D5 or D500 and say, “Good luck enjoy the night”. That would sort of be mayhem. But what they did was organised mayhem. Well not even that.  They had set up 8 or so ‘Stations’ where we could get to try different setups.

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Little Visits: Finding Red-capped Robins at Woodlands

Our morning at Eynesbury in the sunshine had us out and about, and we decided that a fine Chicken Focaccia and a Coffee a Regina’s at Greenvale was the go
What we didn’t off course expect was the Sunday Traffic!
Most Sundays, would see us out early and then back late in the day, this missing the mayhem that is sunday melbourne traffic.
And why is it that everybody who wanted to go very slowly was in the same lane I was in?  And why is that apparently when you drive that slowly the indicators on the car no longer work? and so you have to change lane without warning. Or worse. Slow down, even further, and then swing wide to turn either left or right making not only me, but the car in the next lane all take evasive action. Right into my lane!

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Little Visits: A Morning in the Sunshine at Eynesbury

Still in the Little Visits Mode:
The monthly Birding Walk at Eynesbury was on again today.

We drove into the Grey Box forest in the warm sunshine, and slowed down to enjoy the play of the light among the trees.  It has rained overnight and there was that wonderful distinct crispness to the air and the whole forest seemed to sparkle in the moment.  The great Grey Box stood soaking up the light and the tones of the light playing over their trunks was a delight to see.

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Another Little Visit: Learning Brown Falcon

We decided on a quick trip to “The Office:”, needless to say the weather was looking less than kind, but our rationale was, it would be an easy to get home if the rain descended.  And as soon as we turned off the bitumen on to the track leading in, we could see that rain, has indeed left its mark.  Much of the roadway is either pot-holes, or great sheets of standing water.

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