Father’s Day among the Robins


Late last week we managed to find among the rain and the overcast, quite a large flock of Flame Robins, at the time I guessed that they were being held back by the winds that were blowing North/East. Too hard for little wings to fight that strong headwind.  My informant called the other day and said there is something like two metres of snow in Mt Hotham.  So if they did go up there, there would be nothing to eat.  Not surprisingly then we found the flock on thrusday and spent an hour or so with them among the dashes of sunshine that appeared.

But hadn’t been back since, and with Father’s day, a bbq at Woodlands seemed like the go. Family and kids all being too far away or inconvenienced with other stuff, so we headed out for a quick look and then on to the bbq or so we thought.
Mr Camera Clinic had dutifully repaired the D7000, and to be honest, I was pretty hesitant about working with it again.  But the sunny day helped my mood, and we started to look about.  What we found kept us busy for the next 4 1/2 hours!

Between us we managed to flatten 3 batteries and fill up 3 memory cards.  Now at 16gb that is a lot of images.  I also shot a number of short video clips and that added to the haul.

What we had located was a hunting party of about 3 males, 6-8 females/juveniles, and a couple of young males moulting in.  From the markings and their behaviour it was pretty certain they are not the usual flock we have seen out in that part of the park.  (They were still hunting along the roadway and in the cemetery as we came down).

We eventually ended up sitting on a downed log, and they simply hunted past, around, behind, infront, and then repeated the entire performance.  The challenge was not where to point the camera incase a bird came by, but where to point it next, as the trees became alive with hunting robins.  Lockie came by for a couple of visits as well.

Editing down was going to be the problem, and the few images below are only typical of the days shoot.  At times they hunted so close we were unable to get focus. A pretty exciting way to spend a fathers’s day or any day I reckon.
Needless to say, by the time it was all over, we just came home, and the bbq will have to be another day.

So its seems Woodlands is a bit of a staging area before the trip north.  There are today about 25-30 birds in the general area, and how many might be behind the wire in the back paddock?
The big birds ate so much so quickly, that they had to sit still on a branch to let it all digest for a few minutes, which made it a delight for the photography.




There are a few more over on Flickr.  Click Here

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