Back in Town and still around- Scarlet Robin Reappearance

I had to get some prints framed today, and dropped by the printer place.  “No worries, be ready in a couple of hours.” Good. But what to do in the meantime. So…

I thought if I’m going to drive home and find stuff to do, I might just as easily go look for birds. As the weather had taken a particularly fine turn of events, it didn’t take me too long to get the car pointing in the right direction.

Didn’t have a arsenal of photo gear, but reckoned a 300mm and a 1.4 TC would do ok.  No tripod, just a monopod, but it was only for  a look see anyway.

Went down to where I’d seen the Scarlet Robin earlier in the week, settled in and did what I like doing. Waiting. No fidgeting, no walking about, no peering with binoculars. Just. Waiting.

After about 15 minutes, the birds had pretty much returned to normal, and the Thornbills, Fantails and Wagtails were feeding as usual. But no Robins.  Another 15 minutes went by, and a black/white and red blur zipped by about 50 metres away, and at first I thought it was Lochie, but no, it was the Scarlet Male.  I waited, and after about 10 minutes the black/white and red, zipped past my shoulder and landed about 10 metres away, in the sunshine.  This was more like it.

To cut a long story short, I spent about the next hour or so moving closer, and watching him fly away, but then the distances got less, a lot less, and eventually he seemed quite ready to accept my advances.

There was no sign of any female Scarlet, although a lone Red-capped Female did make several appearances.  So I wonder if this might be the same pair from earlier in the year.  Looks like another sitting and waiting job next week.

Male Scarlet Robin in the afternoon sunshine
Male Scarlet Robin, checking me out, and letting me get with in reasonable photographing distance. He was quiet all afternoon, no loud vocals at all.