Travelling to Echuca

The past few days have seen us up around Echuca with the Birdlife Australia, Melbourne Photogroup.

We spent a day around the Kamarooka Forest and then a day out on the Barmah Lakes, and an afternoon along Pericoota Road out of Moama. On the way home the Terrick Terricks  kept us busy for most of the day.

I’ll put a long winded report up on a seperate page when I get organised. But here are a couple of images from the days.

Gums in the flood at Barmah Forest
White-eared Honeyeater at Kamarooka. This is one of a number of birds that were highly agitated by our presence because they were just beginning nesting. I did feel sorry for them.
Restless Flycatcher, called a “Scissors Grinder” because of the unusual noise it makes. This is one of a pair that were performing in the late afternoon sunshine along the banks of the Murray. They were taking the opportunity in the sunshine to bathe, preen and play with one another, would have stayed there for a longer time had it been possible.


Chestnut-rumped Thornbill. This wonderful little bird was flitting around the bushes on the climb up to the top of Mt Terrick Terrick. It was always just to far away to get those great shots. But it was a new bird for me, so I was pretty happy.