What gets a Chough all agitated

Remember from yesterday.  See below, if you missed the great missive.

The White-winged Choughs bailed up something on the ground and were very agitated.

On the way back from the long walk around the long paddock, I stopped off at roadway where all the fuss took place, and there in the sun was the biggest lizard.  This one is at least 75-90 cm. And about the size around of my wrist. (These are approximate dimensions only, I had no intention of disturbing it for several reasons. ) I also decided “gardening’ to tidy up was out of the question.

No wonder the Choughs were a bit careful about their interaction.

By the time I got organised the sun had disappeared behind cloud, but I took it anyway.

How old do these things grow?

A mother’s worst nightmare

This little bird suddenly appeared along the track to the backpaddock.  It is (I stick my neck out again in bird id’n, a Shining Bronze Cuckoo), I base it on the fact that it doesn’t have any rufous marks along the tail feather edges. (although it could be a young bird, or moulting, or … ).  There have been a number of Horsfields in the area too, so, I’ll probably get the usual run of emails on why why why.  But in the end, it hunted in the trees, was extremely hungry, and was very successful.  Its hunting technique reminded me of why these birds are so successful at what they do.  It checked every nook and cranny on every tree it flew too.  No doubt it does the same technique for finding a host nest.

No wonder the Thornbills and Robins are so furtive.

Now, I’ve said it before, the arrangement between the Will of Scarlet, the now local Scarlet Robin and a certain female red-cap is interesting to say the least. Just in case the sceptics are having a field day here is one I took today of the redcap, and just as I pressed the shutter, the Scarlet came by.  I didn’t see him of course, as the mirror was up at the time.  It was only when I was editing down earlier tonight, I found his presence in my pic.