Woodlands and Robins

I don’t normally do updates and bird alerts, but with the Flame Robins gone, and most of the Red-caps on nesting duty, I didn’t expect to find much when I did a quick walk through today.

And I was right.

The Backpaddock gates now carry a new sign indicating poisoning for Foxes with 1080, and the park will be closed for at least another month, which is the middle of October.  And I’ve come to the conclusion that it will be closed for a good while after that.

I do hope the bandicoots are worth it.

Not that it’s a big deal, as I’m off to look for Brown Falcons and Nankeen Kestrels in the far part of the park for the next few weeks anyway.

On the way down the track, I heard the call of a Scarlet Robin. Which stopped me in my tracks.  After all they will have departed. And we haven’t seen any activity from them for about two weeks, so I looked about then discounted it as a call from perhaps a Grey Fantail.

However on the way back, Lockie was in hot pursuit of something, and as I watched, it turned out to be the Scarlet Male. And he didn’t take to kindly to being harassed by a mere Red-capped Robin, so the pursuer, became the pursued, and Lockie retreated in the end.  The Scarlet is so much larger, and quite a bit faster, so the poor red-cap could only call at him from a safe distance.

Now, of course I’m wondering if Mrs Scarlet, – would she be Scarlet O’Hara? is in the area as well.  I can see an early morning start sometime this week to investigate.