Return to the Office

As the first Australian Lockdown came to an end back in March 2020, Scomo, our Prime Minister announced that it was “Time for Australia to come out from under the Doona and get back to the office”. Fine sentiment.

For readers not familiar with Scomo, it is a contraction of the Prime Minister’s name. Scott Morrison.
It came to public attention first on August 2, 2018, when during a press conference, Mr Morrison was asked about his leadership aspirations, as there was a lot of unease about Malcom Turnbull’s leadership.
He reached out and hugged Mr Turnbull and said, “This is my leader, I’m ambitious for him”

To which the (doomed) Malcom Turnbull responded, “Thanks, Scomo.”

The irony of the comment really only became obvious about 3 weeks later, when Malcom Turnbull was ousted, and Scomo became Prime Minister. (Skipping over some of the heavy duty political drama in there!)

So with the recent lifting of restrictions on the Victorian Lockdown to a 10km travel radius, I decided to take Scomo’s advice and “Return to the Office.

Mostly I wanted to see if the Flame Robins were still in the area. But as it turns out, they have become very conspicuous by their absence.
I did find a lone Black-shouldered Kite who was happy to share a photo of its hunting prowess.

Then I heard the intense call of Magpies announcing a raptor approaching. Looking far across the paddock a small dot with large wings was headed my way. To be honest, at first I thought it was a local Black Kite and was nearly going to dismiss it, but the intensity of the maggies attack made me look again.

Wedge-tailed Eagle

Trying desperately to get enough speed to gain some height and escape being harassed. However maggies are trained for this and they were making sure that the Eagle had to stay down just over the paddock.
It kept coming and then the Eagle and its attendant pesky magpies flew pretty much over where I was standing.

Thanks Scomo.
Hope I don’t get deposed 🙂

12 thoughts on “Return to the Office

  1. Great that you were able to get to the office, David! Some impressive images of the Eagle and Maggies!
    Not good to hear the Robins aren’t around. Thinking I will head to the 100 Steps some time soon – when the weather improves a bit. I am not feeling inclined to leave the comfort of heating and doona just yet!


    1. G’dave! Thanks for that. The Flames do seem to be difficult to latch on to so far this season. The paths along the cliff top, and the replanted area near the carpark have all been empty. Usually good numbers out that way.
      there are as an aside, around 60-100 Yellow-tailed Blacks out at the Mansion in the pines on the Shadowfax winery drive.


      1. Yes, I heard about the Yellow-tailed. My mad mate the landscaper was out that way a couple of days ago and saw them. Seems the Black Kites are back, did they ever leave, the area near the tip too.


  2. What a terrific collection of images David. Sorry about the Robins, but a Wedgie is a great compensation prize. As for staying under the doona, that’s about all we should be doing today, over this way at any rate. It’s seriously miserable out there, and unfortunately Katie is going to insist on her afternoon walk, come what may!

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    1. Hello Eleanor,
      Can’t believe what a dreadful day it is outside. #kneetoo is chaffing at the bit, as Katie, wanting to get out to do a few laps of the court. 🙂
      I was surprised at how quickly the big bird covered the distance of the paddock. Not able to get into the air above it had to be content at outflying the magpies.

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  3. So it turns out that ScoMo is not completely useless, although I’d rather think that it was just the case of the best coming your way to compensate for all that misery we’re trying to put behind us.
    I was also very happy to see a pair of Wedgies above Devilbend Natural Features Reserve (what a mouthful!) some two weeks ago. “Above” means really high above, but still – it was a pleasure to see these magnificent birds.
    Your shots are really special and I’m glad you were in this lucky position 😉
    Let’s hope the sun will shine again sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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    1. G’day Adam, yep, if Scomo said it was raining, I’d go outside to check 🙂
      Still, have to say, we are in a fortunate position compared to where we could have been had they not taken all the actions earlier on. Not going to debate does one right make up for innumerable wrongs, I think I’ve said before, that I have to take personal responsibility for where I go, what precautions I take and to limit exposure as much as I possibly can. I can deal with the virus in the sparse 40 acre paddock that is The Office.
      Normally the pair of Wedge-tailed Eagle that frequent the area are like your birds, high and moving away.
      To be free and roam the skies as they do would be a most amazing dream. 🙂


  4. Wonderful interaction images between the eagle and the maggies. I can understand your frustration about getting out and a bout. At least from Friday we can go 25km, however I’ve been happy wandering around Royal Park – for the moment. Ha! I can walk there, as its only 2.5 km from where I live.

    All the best


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  5. Beautiful captures as always David, I love the detail in the Wedgie capture, and its eyes, and that look as the Maggie pursue it. Yes amazing how quickly Mal lost to Scomo, it is certainly a job I would find to stressful, and painful for my neck, having keep looking over your shoulder to see if someone is about to stab you in the back. This latest escapee from down your way has us all on high alert up here, though thankfully they drove via the western route and spared Sydney another drama. Great you can get out and hopefully your dear #kneeto will soon, though the weather t present is good doona lockdown weather.

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    1. Hello Ashley, in the end the bird was so close as to fill the frame, and then I couldn’t follow it, But it was pretty exciting.
      I try to avoid political comment on the blog. The boys and girls seem to be able to get on quite well without my interference. A pity they didn’t fulfill their responsibilities to the electors
      Definition of politics.
      Poly meaning many
      Tics meaning bloodsuckers.
      Yes our stupidous people just can’t control themselves and don’t care about anyone around them.
      I think it was Pete Seeger who wrote, “When will they ever learn”.

      The weather is crook, but as we are limited in where to go, its not such a biggie at the moment.
      Thanks for your comments


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