Saturday Evening Post #138 : That Old Deja Vu Feeling Again Again!

Been chatting, but you know, socially distanced, with a number of people over the current lock-down covid situation in our area. All of them had suffered through the long lock-downs of 2020.

Most said the current restrictions (with or without having had a vaccine), initially weren’t that hard to get settled into. But, and it seemed to be pretty universal, within a few days we all seemed to come to the same feeling, helplessness, that we’d not experienced the first time through. Not a depression, mind, but rather a niggley feeling of how quickly we had succumbed to the inevitable. It’s not an anti-lockdown thought/ Most of us appeared to at least except the need to contain the outbreaks.
But it all adds up, another quarantine failure, lack of speed on the vaccine programme, groups of vulnerable people that have been ignored, nursing home outbreaks, name calling—she said, he said—political infighting, and raging rampant fear news.

That we can talk about it and more importantly laugh about it seemed to be a good tonic

Medical Update #4
#kneetoo, is still dealing with a numbing pain of the replacement, and the long process. The good news is she is quite on the move and walking quite freely. Her physio was here the other day, and after a walk up and down the hallway, the physio said, “It’s a fine sunny day, would you like to take a few steps outside?” And so she did.
The physio opened the door and #kneetoo stepped outside.

Every bird for kilometres around felt a shiver up its spine 🙂

While all this was going on, I was sitting on a small bank of sand overlooking the beach and a number of Greater Crested Terns were taking turns (pun intended) fishing along the water’s edge.

This one had returned empty-billed, much to the chagrin of it’s hungry juvenile

13 thoughts on “Saturday Evening Post #138 : That Old Deja Vu Feeling Again Again!

  1. Lovely image of the Terns, David! Always great to watch!
    Great to hear #kneetoo is making progress, time is the key!
    As to the lock down, it is what it is and we will deal with it, hopefully not for too much longer though!

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    1. Hi David, It seems that until some good numbers are vaccinated and we get a permanent quarantine centre that Lockdown will be the order of the day. Looking a bit better this weekend with lower numbers


      1. Not sure that the jab will do the trick, David. Too long a story to go into here, but based on information from some leading pharmaceutical scientists.
        Our biggest issue in my industry now, and for the carnival people, is that the two main insurance companies that cover us for public liability and underwrite us against cancellations have pulled out. We simply can’t work without insurance and finding a company anywhere in the world to indemnify any of us is proving difficult. Perhaps we are going back to the bad old days of union insurance

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    2. Yes, the insurance or the lack thereof was one of the reasons we had to abandon doing classic car events and location shots. Hard to find, and grossly overpriced for the amount of return expected.
      Nuthin’ as they say is going to turn out alright.


  2. Yes, there is a feeling of despondency, that we are here again because of the manifest failures of the federal government in the areas of quarantine, Aged Care, and the rollout of the vaccine. Their complacent approach (“It’s not a race” – oh yes it is, because we have to beat this virus) and of course total lack of transparency and admission of their various stuff-ups, add to the anger over what is going on. People’s lives and livelihoods are at stake, and they just don’t seem to care.

    Off the soapbox now. It’s excellent news about Dorothy’s progress. And of course a beautiful photograph of the Terns.

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    1. Ohh, I should get you to write the next editorial, Eleanor. 🙂
      What I can’t get my head around, and bad luck is hardly an excuse, is why Victoria has had to suffer far more, and much long lockdowns than the rest of the States. People like David Nice, and so many others are in some limbo land, ready to invest and employ and unable to predict the following day, let along this time next month.

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  3. Good news to read that your wife is progressing well. I get numbness in my leg from my sciatica if I stand around taking photos too long, so I know how not nice that is. The Terns turned out beautifully. I noticed they are both banded, and have been seeing occasional banded birds in photos from down there is that due to Birdlife’s tracking David ? It is sad that lock-down continues and it is no fault of your locals, that is frustrating, and these anti-vaccinators are creating another drama, if they don’t already have enough. I wish they would stop warning everyone there when they are going to shut their boarders so they don’t race up here and infect our state and cause major chaos in our small struggling towns, as they did recently. It is usually selfish few that cause us all pain. I hope you get out again soon and it all takes Tern for the better. 🙂

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    1. Hello Ashley, I must admit I don’t know anything about the banding of Terns in Victoria.
      You might find some info at this site as the banding is done by the Wader Study people. Many of the local terns nest on Mud Island in Port Philip Bay, so access is pretty easy for the team.
      It is pretty rare to spot a Crested that is not banded.
      Ahh, Melbourne, the home of the stupidous people in Australia. (Stupidous – 1. One who knows how stupid they are and still continue to act stupid hence the ous at the end) Not sure of the ous but I’ve also read its a contraction of Stupid and Ridiculous. 🙂
      #kneetoo is coming along as best as can be expected. No setbacks and she is over the initial wound healing so all is set for a comeback, 🙂

      Stay Safe

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  4. I’ve already commented on your post half an hour ago but somehow I cannot see it as 12th comment. I’ll try to reproduce what I’ve said…

    Good to read your thoughts, David (and all the comments to them too). Good to know that #kneetoo is recovering well. Good to see the nice image with the terns. All good.
    Still, I must admit that the old déjà vu feeling is not quite enjoyable, especially as I’ve had my problems with vaccination. I am not some weird antivaxer, but I’ve been hesitating for a long while because I could not get any information, not even from my haematologist, about some possible effects on my specific blood condition. Anyway, I’ve finally decided to jump into that ocean with one shark per 100,000 swimmers and we’ll see the results after this Friday. I also feel that we (the over 50’s) are being discriminated because I wouldn’t have that many doubts if I could choose between Pfizer or Moderna…
    I think it’s interesting that we both have been photographing terns recently. There are also quite many banded terns here and I thank you for the new word in my vocabulary: “stupidous”.
    Anyway, let’s hope we’ll get a bit more sunshine within our increased freedom, that I wish to you and all the nice people who contribute their thoughts to your great blog.


    1. Hi Adam, I think wordpress and some browsers are not playing nicely. I can’t always log in using Safari and have to resort to FIrefox. Even then posting replies can be frustrating. So its not some plot by WordPress on you personally 🙂

      I to have a medical condition that has meant my GP is not happy about advising my taking the Vax. So its not for the want of trying or to be helpful to the cause, just plain old bad luck.
      I have also taken as a personal challenge to be as careful as possible. If I don’t need to be in a shopping centre, I don’t go. Same with pubs/restaurants, movies and the like. Boring? Cautious? Ridiculous? Not really I think time in hospital on a ventilator Is ridiculous.

      Thanks for the thoughts.


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