Family Portraits

This mornings weather can only be described as ‘Windy’,  too much to go to the bush, so went shopping instead.  In that age old tradition of ‘If the going gets tough, the tough go shopping’.

On the way back in the afternoon, the weather had cleared and lovely evening light, that landscape photographers drool over was ours for the asking, so we took a swing around on the way home and went to the Providence Rd carpark, just to see how Dad and the kids were doing.  Dad apparently sits by day, and Mum by night.

To our delight, not only was Dad there, with the two little bundles of fluff, but Mum, was putting in an appearance on a branch just below the nest.  I’d been looking for her over the paddocks for the past few weeks, but to no avail. So nice to have her on the ‘family’ tree.

Just too far back on the branch to get everybody in focus, but hey, most of the good gear was safely at home.

The evening light was a lovely contrast to the morning.  Then when I got home I received and email from Neil A saying he’d been out in the afternoon and seen all four. Great.

They’ve got Dad’s eyes!
Family Portrait in the evening sunshine

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