A nice discovery

Mr An Onymous and I were taking a bit of a tour through the Snow Gums at Woodlands on friday morning and a gentle but persistent ‘peep, peep, peep’ greeted us from among the lower tree leaves.  A bit of a look about and we discovered a Spotted Pardalote had spotted us.

We came to the conclusion because of its persistence that there is probably a nest nearby. But it let us get quite close with the long lenses, the big cameras, the heavy duty tripods, and just peeped at us.  Kind.

I think it is the brown rumped variety, An’s picture shows a definite dark brown colour, but I didn’t get any with its bum on display.

Such a tiny little bird.  It couldn’t be any bigger than my thumb. Book claims as little as 8gm.  Such an elegant tiny creature. Such a pleasure to photograph.

Hope we can find it again under similar circumstances.

Spotted Pardalote in the early sunshine.