I’m on to you.

Found a pair of Willie Wagtails dressing down a Kookaburra that had slipped into their nest territory.  Managed a few nice shots of the encounter, one with the Kooka’s bill wide open, and the wagtail just out of reach. In the end, the Kookaburra had other things to do and took off with both wagtails on hot pursuit.

This is more a Silhouette than anything else, but it was the last pic I took before the pair flew directly toward the sun.  The 300mm f/4 lens has no flare, and the sun is only just out of picture angle, so I am pretty pleased with all that.  The 300mm f/4 has been one of the better things I have put to use in the bird photo business. The pic is also taken with the old- outdated- technology  My faithful and useful Nikon D200.  I must admit when I want a bird to be focused on fast, then I can always rely on the smaller number of focus points in the D200 to not spend a lot time discussing the merits of this part, or that part of the subject.  Oh, it’s in the centre.  Bang. Dead on.

A Willie Wagtail in hot pursuit of a wayward Kookaburra. The plucky little bird has no qualms about diving directly into the bigger bird. They must have a nest close by to become so agitated. Although sometimes I think they do it for the sport.