Woodlands Backpaddock Area is now re-opened

Today, we kitted up for an evening down by the dam, the thermos and a few edibles to make a nice picnic in the cool of the evening.

Went via the access road down from the carpark, and to our surprise noted that the chain and lock were off the Backpaddock Gate. Definition of Backpaddock – Bandicoot Big Brother House, or Bandicoot Hilton.

Pretty excited were we.  And we tentatively opened the gate and tip toed in.  Don’t want to wake a sleeping Bandicoot we thought.

No sign of said beasties, nor any robins for that matter.  It was still a bit too hot for hunting, so we had a quick look about and then resumed our course down to the dam.
But the park is open.  Well done all.

We did note a number of Pallid Cuckoos, which any other time would have caused concern but today we liked the idea, as it meant that there must be some birds in there for the cuckoos to bother.  They’d not be hanging around where there was no chance of popping in an egg or two.

The dam as it turned out, was a bit of a let down, so we returned via  the Goshawk Mansion and had a look at the quadruplets.  All looking very dashing in their new feathers.  Not long to go and they’ll be on the branches and then look out world.

Saw one of the parent birds make a number of quite high passes over the dam area and up toward the Sugar Gums, mind with that many mouths to feed they are probably working all day.


All the young in the Goshawk Mansion. I just couldn’t get all four looking in the same direction. Notice the lovely brown colouring and the super looking chevrons on the chests.


Pallid Cuckoo in the Backpaddock – formerly Bandicoot Hilton.