4 thoughts on “The famous crossing at Abbey Road. Now just where is Paul McCartney?

    1. Hello,
      Hmmm, I think the humour might have been too subtle.

      You are right, there is only three of them. Wasn’t that the point of the whole drama in the first place.
      Thinking back on that time, I wonder if it was just a co-incidence, he was out of step, or did they mean it, or was it planned, or do little green people live in Choughs?

      Glad it got ya thinkin’

      Mind I could always read some Photoshop tutorial and just clone in another I suppose.


    2. Did you have the album?
      I remember when we shifted houses for about the fourth time that some things just got mislaid, or thrown out, and I think a beer stained Abbey Road would have been a casualty.

      In case anyone’s guessing, “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” and “Here comes the Sun”, were the most played tracks on our copy.


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