Raptor evening at WTP

I am really beginning to like the light at the Treatment plant in the late afternoon.  Sun sets way round to the south west and it gives a great cross light along many of the access roads. Particularly where there is a line of trees.

For some reason this evening, the raptors seemed to be at every turn and on just about every tree, post, or fence. Here is a youngish brown falcon, but click the link, for some Spotted Harrier, Brown Falcon, Swamp Harrier and Whistling Kite shots as well.

Many of the young falcons seem to be hanging around together, and we found 5 in just one corner on Paradise road.

We both are pretty certain that a Black Falcon was in a clearing down along 29 Mile Road past the access gate 1. But by the time we had:  1. Noticed it, 2. Stopped the car, 3. got over the oohs and aahs, and then 4. Got serious, it was but a mere black spec in the sky speeding toward Avalon.

More here.

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