Update: Redcapped Robin young

Went back to check on the Scarlet Robin, and was pleasantly surprised to hear her early morning call in the forest.  Despite a lot of looking, I was not able to locate her, as she was moving about in among the denser grey box undergrowth.

I continued on to an area I have reported on ealier, where a Redcapped Robin male went to a lot of trouble to convince me there were not nests up in that area.  See here

After locating a small flock of Yellow-rumped Thornbills, I was settling to to photograph them when off to my left a Redcapped Robin male, turned up.  And in a few moments a very young juvenile.  All lovely striated waiting to be fed.

It didn’t take the male to long to fulfil that request, and then the young bird was left in a dead, fallen wattle, and the male disappeared.  The young one amused itself taking food off the ground and generally exploring the branches.  After about 10 minutes the male returned and offered up a nice looking orange coloured bug.  Then they both flew over my head, and away.  I scouted round for a few minutes and then found a second juvenile, this one seemed to be a bit more advanced.  The male turned up, shared some food, and then gave a call and the two juveniles followed him across a clearing.  And so did I.  There was another old wattle there and again he left them and disappeared,  coming back occasionally with food.

He seemed to have a scheme on feeding as the first young on the scene did not get the goodies, but he seemed quite particular about which one should be fed.

Then with another call they followed him to the next tree, and a third young one joined them!  So they have had a very successful time. Now he was as busy as a one-armed paper-hanger as he tried to keep them together, find food and move them about the clearing.  No sign of the female.  Perhaps she was off shopping?  Or perhaps she has taken the challenge of another clutch.  Time will tell.

There are a few more photos from the event here.

A lovely little redcapped robin, one of a family of three

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