Little Eagle aerial performance

This morning while we were out looking for the elusive, but very vocal Scarlet Robin, we were entertained by a pair of Little Eagles in the air.  It would be nice to think that they were at play, but it seemed a very dangerous game they were engrossed in.

The pair are a light morph and a dark morph.  Each seemed to be about as aggressive. It just depended on who got the height.  There was lots of crossing one another’s paths, plenty of frontal attacks and several passes with long claws extended. This shot is about half way through the confrontation and shows the darker bird on its back talons extending up.

It might be courtship, or the two young at play, or perhaps a younger bird being chased away.   In the end the lighter one took a thermal to a height and then speared away to the south.  The darker bird circled a little longer, and then we lost it among the trees.  However it did show up at the carpark  later, but on its own.

Much to learn.

Two Little Eagles that are hard at work vying for best position for attack.