Buff-banded Rail and young

Most of the time these birds are not only hard to find, but hard to see.  This bird and its mate had brought the young down on to the exposed low-water mud flats and they spent a lot of time feeding, and foraging among the grass overhangs.

A Whistling Kite patrolled down the waterline and she took the young back under the grass overhangs, and here they are just coming out again.

Buff-banded Rail

Black-shouldered Kites at Western Treatment Plant

This pair of kites are roosting on a tree near one of the main roads around the WTP, we were hoping that they might be going to nest, but over the past few weeks we have not seen any indication of intent. Perhaps she is resting after a brood earlier in the season.

Pair of Black-shouldered Kites
A pair of Blackshouldered kites in the afternoon sun.

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Black Shouldered Kite visits Woodlands Historic Park

Some days it is very quiet, and other days are quite exciting.  On the way home after a fairly quite afternoon’s ramble, I discovered a Black-shouldered Kite hunting along one of the main roads past Woodlands.  It was able to catch mice from the roadside verge and spent an hour or more before I had to get on the way home.  Probably was just passing through, but it certainly had no problem locating food by the roadside. It’s biggest problem was avoiding the fast moving traffic when it took off with its latest catch.

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Brown falcon and young bird at Western Treatment Plant

We have been watching a Brown Falcon for about 6 weeks, she is usually agitated and quite agressive swooping over the car and calling aggressively.  We (Dorothy and I) supposed she must have nested close by.

On Thursday 1 Dec 2011, we found the reason why.  She has a newly fledged young bird

This is a shot of them together, she will shepherd it about often flying interference against ravens and magpies.

Brown Flacon and Juvenile
This is our first glimpse of Mother and Child. The young brown falcon is a really rich chocolate and ginger colour

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