So, there you are!

This is a female Red-capped Robin on her nest.  I have been trying to find some sign of them over the past few weeks, without much success. Which is probably a good thing as they have been busy at work.

By a little bit of chance I heard the distinctive call of the male, and followed up to find both male and female on the side of a track, and he was feeding her.  It stopped me in my tracks, and as it happened the nest was in the tree next to where I stopped.

It took me a few minutes to work out that she was trying to get back into the nest, and then I moved away about 50 metres. She immediately settled down on her clutch.

This is her second brood this year, and she successfully got 2 chicks off in late October.

Recap Robin on nest
This a female red-capped robin hard at work on her next litter