No nests here I’m telling you

Found this little fellow out and about looking for tucker.   He was  in an area that has not been a redcap territory for a couple of years.   However I think the rain, and the long grass is the large open areas has made his hunting a bit difficult on the ground and he has moved operations into the lighter grey box forest areas where there is quite a bit of open forest floor.  Once he spotted me, we went on a bit of a round circuit of the area, so I am pretty sure  his lady has a nest in the area as well.

But to assure me that there were no nests he did a lot of elaborate cleaning and constant moving about.   His feathers seem now to be getting a bit worn for wear and he is looking a bit on the scruffy side.

Be interesting to see if he maintains the new territory or moves back when the grass dies down over summer.

80-400mm  ISO800 f/8 1/800th.

Red capped Robin Male
Male Redcapped Robin in cleaning mode.