The Greatest Show

A movie that I never tire of watching reruns is the Hugh Jackman in, “The Greatest Showman”. I enjoy the fun and the intesity of the music and the dancers. Storyline is well… but the visuals really excite me. There is also some fine songs including the amazing, Keala Settle as the Bearded Lady and her song, “This is Me!”
(PS if you want a great version of this song see Keala Settle – This Is Me | Abu Dhabi 2019 Special Olympics Closing Ceremony It is throat-choaking stuff and she looks like she is thoroughly enjoying herself)

Well, the other day, we were invited to enjoy Cassia, of Cinnamon’s version of the “Greatest Show on Earth!”

Her young are now well hatched and beginning to show some juvenile feathers under the white down, and so she is able to spend most of her day off the nest waiting for Alistair to being in food, and also to keep watch over the young from a high vantage point in the tallest Umbrella Pine in the park.

Cassia, of Cinnamon. The young are now well on the way to getting their first real feathers and she is spending more time off the nest.
A favourite spot on an Umbrella Pine or Italian Stone Pine. She has a commanding view over the paddocks around and can easily spot the return of her mate, Alistair, wth food
Wait, what was that. From her high vantage point she had spotted a likely meal on the ground
Too easy not to try.
When Cassia flew, I had no idea what was about to unfold, but it was obvious something had her attention.
In a typical Brown Falcon move she headed straight down to ground level. We often think of Browns as being somewhat lumbering because of the over-arm rowing wing action. Nowhere near as sleek as their other falcon cousins. However this was a super fast run. I was so enthralled by her appoach on the ground that I didn’t make a single frame. She sped along the roadway just a few centimters above, and then dropped one leg, scooped up a lizard and immediately sped-up to make a climbing turn. No matter how fast you just read that sentence, she was faster.
Of couse her arrival and departure didn’t escape the local neighbourhood watch
Tight turn, falcon wings tucked in.
Lined up now for a direct ascent to the treeline.
The infuriated Magpies were quick to respond as well, but with a turn of speed not normally seen by a Brown, she powered away to drop the meal in the nest for her growing young.
Lining up to get a clean run into the nest.
And here is one of the three young mouths that need feeding. This one has just opened for a wing stretch to show the very small wings sheaths still to develop.
A tiny hint of the rich ginger colour of juvenile moult beginning to show.


10 thoughts on “The Greatest Show

  1. Brilliant story and captures David. As always the action id captured with such amazing clarity. Yes I also loved the Greatest Showman, and the songs. My wife played the theme song many times after we had seen the movie. It is a real feel good story, and has a true aspect which makes it even better. The determined look on that Maggie is something. When I was last attacked doing my research, it was more of an angry look I captured. That pursuit shot is priceless. Love the little cutie in the nest.

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    1. Hello Ashley, I always feel good listening to the songs. Maybe I’m a latent circus performer. 🙂
      I think the Maggies look is more one of shock that it can’t catch up to her. This was a hi-speed climb and I think Maggie came from a slow start

      We had around 35mm of rain and high winds in the nesting area last night.
      Bit like the expectant father I’m hoping they survived

      Won’t get out there now till later in the week.

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  2. Very fine story and beautifully illustrated too, David. Yet for me the cover photo of Cassia of Cinnamon in flight is the absolute showstopper. The angle you’ve captured this moment with her raised wings and gazing straight into your lens (thus the eyes of all viewers) deserves the standing ovation. Respect!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. G’day Adam. Sometimes I think she just knows how to choose the right pose. The only advantage we have is she is pretty tolerant as the are lots of people through the park on any day. And I’m sure she recognises us


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