Outta the Kitchen Drawer

I bet we’ve all got at least one.  If you’re a photographer, like collecting camera bags, it might be that you have more than one.
That drawer in the Kitchen that holds all the knickknacks, detritus, and otherwise never sorted collection of things that have no where else to be stored.

Oh, look, four rubber bands, an old shopping list, some faded receipts for something or other, a pair of blunt scissors, the battery from… I wonder what? And all sorts of other accumulated, but not discarded  items of dubious value.

Irish comedian Jimeoin even wrote a song about it, “The Third Draw Down”  careful about the words, but that is comedy these days.

Well, I’ve been collecting a little here and there for a blog but none of the topics are significant enough on their own to warrant a single blog.


Let’s put them in the Kitchen Draw and rummage through.

#kneetoo is back in the bush.
A few days before out current Fifth Lockdown, #kneetoo made her first real venture out into the wide world with camera and patience both firmly attached.

Also a deckchair, carefully placed in the sunshine was an essential element.  Subject was a Black-shouldered Kite’s nesting.  So here is how the action unfolded.

What else is at the back of the draw.?
Talked at the weekend about the “Mapping” ability of the Brown Falcon.
A tv semi-doco over the weekend produced in England. Life in the Air: Masters of the Sky

Can’t find that much about it, but the graphics are really explanatory, and the short inflight shots really help show what each segment is about.  However there is a lack of any references to the research, and I suspect that many of the sequences have been strung together from unrelated events.

Of interest is the segment on the garden hunting of a Sparrowhawk.  The graphics show how the bird, from 50m out from a birdfeeder in a backyard is able to negotiate a convoluted track in to avoid detection from all the dozens of little eyes always on the alert.
Having established the track, the action then ‘follows’ the bird from strike launch until four seconds later when a dramatic ‘puff’ of feathers over the birdfeeder is supposed to indicate a strike.  It is interesting to see the path the bird takes, its twists and turns to keep hidden for as long as possible   There are quite a lot of slo-mo sequences of it flying under, through and skimming over a bush here, turning on a tree there and the through the railing in a gate.
A great story.

I’d have loved it to be a bit more referenced as it is a great example of what I believe about Brown Falcon.  I love to see Browns running wing height over the ground, through the bracken, and bushes, to arrive at its target. Or the considered attack on a Tiger snake. It is all mapped and planned.

Rumage, rumage rumage.

Here are a few more from the Red Wattlebird attack on Bronson as he delivers another few sticks to bolster the well hidden nest.





And not looking to happy about surveying the damage to his rump.

One more from under the receipts, and those old drink coasters, who knew we still had them.

Wanted to finish on a positive note with a big SHOUT OUT, to all the Heroes doing Heroic work on our behalves during this most stressful of times.

Had to get some blood tests the other day.  The nurse doing the work is taking a break after a 6 week shift at the Showgrounds taking Covid 19 tests.  7:30am to 11pm has been her workload for most of that time. Goodonya!

To all those who have one way or another provided support, helped with logistics, cleaned everything—I see you at my Woollies—and all the other amazing Heroic things that are being carried out, often in the background.

Our local Shik community who are working to provide meals and support for so many isolated. ‘Onya!’

Meanwhile the fearnews concentrates one more more ratbag element, when there are so many great stories, even in their simplicity being written by people who have dedicated themselves in so many ways.

And of course to all those whose one simple act of getting tested, and then isolating for the appropriate amount of time.  Thank you.  I dedicate this blog to your act of selflessness.

The list is long, and includes those who turn up at sites to provide some cheer, food, flowers, to all those front line workers, what a great way to say, “Thanks”.

May healing come rapidly on wings of peace.






6 thoughts on “Outta the Kitchen Drawer

  1. Wonderful to see #kneetoo in familiar surrounds again. Well done!
    A splendid series of Bronson running the gauntlet with RWb, they seem to be just a little more aggressive this year.
    Yes, the news services are leaving something to be desired, have done for a while – it just seems more pointed now.
    I wouldn’t watch if I didn’t have to!
    And yes we have a third draw down, I leave that to others to rummage through!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi David, I think the day out in the sunshine was probably the biggest lift.
      The birds were pretty quiet.
      I know your news involvement has it challenges. I think we are all getting tired of the streamroller data dumps. 🙂

      Just don’t check the fourth draw down!


  2. A great post David with an encouraging message. Your captures of the Wattlebird attacks are amazing, the clarity is stunning. Lovely that #kneetoo is out and about again and able to enjoy the moment with you again, she must be so delighted. Yes, great sacrifices are being made at present by the silent many who are just warn out with work and the stress of it at present. Several of our our friends in the medical sector have shared the anxiety and exhaustion the Covid has brought upon them as they try to help the overload of those trying to get vaccinated and medicated. We both had our second shot today and have come out of isolation, back into lock-down, but it makes little difference as everyone is crowding the bush tracks again, people who never use them, as they just want to get out, so we are very guarded at present as the virus is all around us at present, and just increases in infections each day. Holiday postponed again.Hope your doing well and things get better there also.

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    1. Hello Ashley,

      Thanks for the kind thoughts on the images. We were remarkably lucky to get a morning when there was lots of activity and plenty of rich sunshine.

      We are in lockdown at the moment, so have not had to wrestle with the crowds, as we did last year. It’s been just too cold and windy to go anywhere, and the next week, well, it doesn’t look much better.

      Stay Safe

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  3. Thanks for your mention of Life in the Air. I diverted off to hunt it out on 9Now, and watched that episode and the preceding one. I shall also watch Life in Colour, which you mentioned earlier and which I found on the same site. I must confess I rarely look at the commercial channels’ programmes for recording, as they seem to be so erratic. So thanks for doing the hard work for me in finding them!

    I agree with your comments about the programme seeming to be a lot of bits and pieces put together, though I did like the slow motion look at the flying techniques of various birds, how kangaroos hop etc, and also the diagrams showing the air flow.
    It’s a bit repetitive, but the photography is so great that I didn’t really mind.

    And speaking of photography, what a great collection of shots you have given us to enjoy here. A big hello to Dorothy too – great to see her “back in the field”.

    Keep safe and warm.

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    1. G’day,

      I hardly watch much TV, but was asked about recording some show or other a week ago and came accidentally as you do, the Life in the Air. So, pressed the ‘record’ button. Glad it was lucky for both of us.
      The one that really got me was the peregrine and her ability to toss Pelicans out of the sky. What sort of a trick is that!

      EE says ‘g’day’ to everyone and thanks for all the kind thoughts. Perhaps if the weather and the lockdown eases she’ll be back out again before we know it.

      Remain Safe


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